Important notice on address change of police stations for temporary residence registration and residence permit
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Important notice on address change of police stations for temporary         residence registration and residence permit 

   Thanks to the system upgrading of Xuanwu District Police Station, the address for Registration of Temporary Residence has been changed to local Xiaolingwei Police Station since now. We are not sure about when and whether the location will change back to Xuanwu District Police Station or not, so before that, please remember to go to Xiaolingwei local police station to do temporary residence registration with the letter from the office together with your passport or renting contract. The specific address of Xiaolingwei Police Station is in Xiaowei Street No.222(小卫街222号). Xiaowei Street is just the lane next to the Xiamafang Metro station,No.3 exit of our north university gate. It is very close to our university north gate, so you can just walk there. Contact Tel: 84421187

   please remember under these conditions, you need to do the temporary residence registration:

   1.whenever there is a foreigner (maybe your friend/dependent and so on) newly arrives at Nanjing city, she or he needs to do registration within 24 hours;

   2. whenever there is a change of your residential address; you need to do registration within 3 days;

   3.Whenever you need to do the extension, the temporary residence registration is one of the required document.

   Here is the picture of Xiaolingwei local police station:


Previously, when student needs to get residence permit or visa extension, after you finished the temporary residence registration above, you will go to Nanjing Police station,exit and entry administration office in Xinjiekou area, but since the date of March 20th, this part of business has been changed to the new address: Biaxia Road, No.173 (白下路173号), which is close to the foreigner physical examination Center. Nanjing Red Cross Hospital is in the opposite of it. The first floor is for taking pictures, paper copy or fingerprint collection, the second floor is for foreigners entry business, the third floor is for Chinese citizen exit business. You can take new subway line 3, which will be open around this May, 2015 to get off at Changfujie stop then to walk there, or old line 1 to get off at Zhangfuyuan stop then walk there. It will cost 20-30yuan if you take a taxi.

    Here is the picture of new exit and entry administration office:


Please always pay attention to the be the expired date of the passport itself and the expired date of your visa or residence permit.Come to the office to get extention letter at least one week before.


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